April 1, 2017

Heavy Metal Detox by Drinking Alkaline Water

No doubt, water is good for your health, and with almost 70% of the human body being mostly comprised of water, no one can ever dispute that fact. Research has shown that all the nutrients in the body are contained within the blood (which is mostly water) for easier assimilation into the body. What is usually left out, however, is that alkaline water is even better to consume than ordinary water simply because it has useful nutrients dissolved in it as well as its enhanced degree of body hydration.

The nutrients it contains are immensely beneficial to the body and allow longevity, all along maintaining overall body health. In addition, alkaline water has a hydration property that is much higher than ordinary water. This means that, once consumed, the rate at which your body gains and retains it is enhanced to a greater degree. Another reason as to why alkaline water is immensely beneficial is due to its unique property to raise and maintain pH levels in the blood and in the urine.

Raising and maintaining the pH level balance in the body counteracts the acidity that might build up in the body due to one reason or the other. Otherwise and if left unchecked, such high levels of acidity in the body are harmful and can cause all manner of unhealthy disruptions to occur. That is why most people who suffer from such acidic problems are recommended to drink alkaline water. Alkaline water has an additional benefit, which entails the removal of toxic substances from the body, what is known as detoxification.

Alkaline water and detoxification

Body toxicity is mostly associated with the existence of heavy metals that may be consumed in one way or the other via different food sources and ingestible substances. If the heavy metal toxicity levels become excessive in the body, all manner of health problems may arise from this. Researchers have actually confirmed that various diseases have a direct link to heavy metal poisoning. Examples such as arthritis joints, cancer, Alzheimer’s, respiratory problems, gastrointestinal problems, various types of allergies as well as Parkinson’s disease and others, all arise as a result of heavy metal toxicity in the body.

However, this can be easily undone by drinking alkaline water. It helps the kidneys to actively eliminate these heavy metals from the body by maintaining an alkaline environment. Technically, once an alkaline pH is realized in the kidneys, something referred to as an “ion-trap” (ion-trapping) is established, and it draws the heavy metals from the blood into the distal tubes where imminent discharge is realized. Lead, mercury and fluoride are examples of heavy metals that can be expelled by drinking alkaline water, thus relieving the body of their harmful side effects. Long-term consumption of alkaline water enhances the benefits for a longer period of time.

Typically, you can easily track your maximum heavy metal detoxification by tracking the pH balance in your urine over a specific period of time, say 24hours. During that specific period, you are recommended to maintain an alkaline pH balance, which should be enough to expel the heavy metals from the body. Regardless of that, drinking alkaline water has countless benefits as is evident. It’s even been proven to reduce body cholesterol and body weight in the long run.