Counter top vs Under Counter Top Alkaline Water Ionizers

Water is life. We use it for cooking, cleaning, hydrating our pets and growing plants in our homes. Water is chemically neutral. However, you can raise its pH levels to make it more alkaline. According to nutritionists, alkaline water is better for your body. It is healthier because it is chemically more similar to our internal fluids. How can you convert your regular tap water into an alkaline solution? Simply use a water ionizer. It is an appliance which raises the pH of water and makes it more alkaline. There are two main varieties of water ionizers. These are the counter top and under the counter alkaline water ionizers. Which one is better? Find out below.

Position in your kitchen

A counter top water ionizer sits on your kitchen counter and connects directly to your water faucet. Hence it is clearly viewed in your kitchen. On the other hand, an under counter water ionizer sits under your sink. It is often larger than the counter top water machine. Moreover, it has more parts which require installation than the counter top one. Examples of these parts are extra tubes and a separate cylinder faucet system that you need to place upon the counter to provide the alkaline water. If you want easy installation, the counter top water ionizer is better since it has fewer parts to connect to your water faucet. On the other hand, if you want the ionizer to be out of view and a neater kitchen, then you should get the under sink water ionizer.

Ease of installation

The counter top water machine is easy to install. You only need to install a special 2-way valve in the aerator of your water faucet. One end of the valve goes into the water ionizer while the other one makes it possible for you to get regular water flow. You simply turn the valve and the water will flow out of your faucet as usual. On the other hand, if you want alkaline water, simply turn the valve the other way and it sends water to the water ionizer. Despite having a tube that is always connected to your faucet to the counter top water ionizer, this type is easy to install. You can do it on your own in under 5 minutes.

The under counter water ionizer is more complicated to install. It requires that you connect directly into your main water line, drill holes into your pipes for the waste acidic water and power the appliance without causing an electric shock. You also need to drill a hole to deliver water to a countertop faucet for the alkaline water. This process is too complicated for the average home-owner. Therefore, you need a plumber and possibly an electrician to install it successfully. Therefore, a counter top water machine is better if you want an easier installation process.


At some point, you may need to move from your current house. In such a case, the countertop water machine is very easy to uninstall. Simply unscrew the 2-way valve and move the device to any other location you desire. On the other hand, an under counter water ionizer is very complicated to uninstall. You will need to consult a plumber and an electrician to get it out of your house. As such, a countertop water machine is more portable than the undersink type.


Alkaline water has dietary benefits for your body. A water ionizer can help you to get this type of water in your home. You can pick between a counter-top and an under counter water ionizer. According to the comparison above, the counter-top type is more convenient than the under-sink water ionizer.