April 5, 2017

Why You Should Avoid Buying Cheap Alkaline Water Ionizers

If you have been spending lots of money purchasing alkaline water, there are chances you might be thinking of purchasing an alkaline water ionizer so as to prepare your own alkaline water at home. Nowadays, there are plenty of low quality and substandard ionizers on the market, and lots of people are increasingly being lured into purchasing them due to the fact that they are sold way cheaper than genuine ionizers.

While genuine alkaline water machines can be costly, they can however guarantee you safe and clean ionized water. As much as you may think that picking a cheap alkaline water ionizer will help you save money, cheap machines can potentially put your health alongside that of your loved ones at risk. Below are some of the reasons as to why you should stay away from cheap products.

They lack sufficient ionizing power

Cheap alkaline water ionizers are made from cheap materials, something that compromises on their quality. As much as they can help you ionize your water, they can never offer the best results like you would get if you were to use a genuine machine. This is simply because they lack sufficient ionizing power to ionize water effectively.

Most of them contain lead

Nearly all cheap ionizers that are available on the market today are from China. There have been numerous findings out there indicating that different products that are made in China have failed to meet the FDA standards because they have high lead content. As such, there are high chances of picking an alkaline water ionizer that contain lead, if at all you are picking your ionizer from the cheap ones available out there. That said, avoiding these cheap machines is the surest way of ensuring that lead intoxicated products don’t find their way into your home.

They lack adequate antioxidant power

Alkaline water has plenty of antioxidant properties, which is crucial for removing free radicals present in the body. However, cheap machines have very weak ionizing power. Therefore, unlike the genuine ionizers, they cannot produce water with enough antioxidant properties.

They are overly unreliable

Genuine ionizers have what it takes to provide you with safe drinking water with just a single filtration process. Because of their high quality filters, genuine alkaline ionizers can easily remove all sediments as well as harmful chemicals contained in tap water. But on the other hand, cheap ionizers have low quality filters and thus they can’t guarantee you quality water filtering.


While there is nothing wrong with saving your hard-earned money by shopping for an affordable machine, you might however risk getting the benefits of using a quality alkaline water ionizer if you settle for a cheap one. In fact, you will not only be trading quality by purchasing a cheap ionizer, but you will also exposing yourself and your family to serious health concerns as well. Consequently, don’t be tricked by the inexpensive price that lots of cheap machines out there are sold at. Instead, always strive to get a quality alkaline water ionizer so as to get the benefits you are looking for by purchasing an alkaline water ionizer.