April 5, 2017

How Does an Alkaline Water Ionizer make alkaline water

Alkaline water machines and water ionizers have brought about one of the biggest trends in the health and wellness industry. Drinking alkaline water and balancing your body’s “ecosystem” to be less acidic and more basic has turned into a real movement in this industry. This incredible health craze has also brought about a bit of controversy from folks in the community that claim it is simply a scam. So what is alkaline water exactly and how does an alkaline water ionizer make alkaline water out of tap water??

Making Super Water

Alkaline water machines are basically the type of countertop water filter that induces an extra process while filtering tap water. The key process that takes place is that an electrical charge is induced as the H2O is filtered. This process of electrolysis has a bio-electric and structural altering effect on the water molecules.

This electrical charge is created by two electrodes as the water passes through them. They both positively and negatively charge the H2O, making it both more acidic and more alkaline respectively. The water is separated in the process as there are uses for the acidic qualities also. But the healthy water that is to be ingested is the low pH high alkalinity water. This water now has an unbalanced negative charge that is manifested in what are called the Hydroxyl ions. These are considered to be the antioxidant agents of the new and improved tap water.

New Water Molecule Structure

Water is a very special entity with amazing power. It has different properties when frozen, as well as when it is in the vapor state. It plays an integral part in the world’s weather systems, and it can bring about incredible destruction. At the same time, all life on earth needs it for survival, as all life is composed of it to some degree. It’s no wonder that on a molecular level it is also very special.

Scientists about 15 years ago determined that water molecules exist in what are called molecular clusters with a specific molecular weight. This cluster is made up of 13 to 15 molecules approximately. This structure pattern could only be perceived by a nuclear magnetic resonance device. But when the water is electrically charged, the clusters become smaller; about 6 molecules. The smaller cluster gives this improved H2O the ability to more deeply penetrate tissues and flush out toxins. This quality also makes the water about 6 times more hydrating than regular tap water.

The Never Ending Antioxidant

The newly improved molecule in its tiny little 6-man cluster now also has antioxidant abilities. Negatively charged water molecules (hydroxyl ions) are now free radical scavengers. They can neutralize the free radicals before they can damage the cells’ nucleus all over the body. The best part regarding it is that there is no limit to how much alkaline ionized water you can drink.

In conclusion, the skeptics are always in full force, so there will be people out there who will try to discredit the validity of these machines and the elixir they make regarding its health improvement effectiveness. Eventually, time will tell, and ultimately you would have to do your due diligence.