Top Alkaline Water Filter Systems – 2017 Guide

You have probably realized that alkaline water is becoming more popular over time. Having an Alkaline Water Machine puts you at an advantage when it comes to obtaining high-quality drinking water. The numerous benefits of mineral water cannot be overstated.

What’s more, there is a lot of information on how drinking alkaline has many great health benefits such as weight loss. You are probably wondering what an Alkaline Water machine is and where to get one. To start with;

What is an Alkaline Water Filtration System?

Simply put, an alkaline water machine is a system that can transform your regular tap water to optimal PH level for the body. PH stands for the potential of hydrogen. Liquids with higher PH levels have fewer free hydrogen ions. The values of PH vary from 0 to 14, with PH of 7 being neutral. Any liquid with a PH below 7 is taken to be acidic. Anything higher than 7 is alkaline. To provide you with a better frame of reference, most juices and sodas have a PH of around 3 while milk has a PH of 7 – the neutral level.

To use an alkaline water machine, you will have to attach it to your faucet. After that, the machine will filter and change the tap water PH balance. Mostly, the filter will be activated carbon that works to remove any pollutant and impurities from the tap water. The machines change the water PH through a process known as electrolysis. The process splits minerals and hydrogen ions in the tap water. Most machines will produce the altered water in two streams – one stream delivers the alkaline water for drinking while the second one delivers the oxidized water, which you can use to clean your household items.

There are three primary types of alkaline water machines. The price of the three types also highly varies. The following are the three types and the features that influence their prices.

Alkaline Water Ionizer Machines

An alkaline water ionizer machine – also known as an alkaline ionizer – is a home appliance, which raises drinking water PH by using electrolysis to separate a stream of incoming water into alkaline and acidic components. Most advocates of alkaline water claim that consumption of the alkaline water results in various health benefits – the water is a great alternative to the basic water diets. Originally, the machine was very popular in Japan and some other Far Eastern countries. Today, it is one of the important home appliances in Europe and the United States.
Even though the manufacturers describe them as “water ionizers,” water ionizer machines function as water electrolyzers. The electrochemical process uses electric current to split water and as a result, it forms oxygen and hydrogen. During the process, the water at the anode is usually acidic while that near the cathode is generally alkaline. Water ionizers siphon off water closer to the cathode to improve its PH level. The water on the cathode side contains higher hydroxide levels and therefore, it has a higher PH. The water on the anode side contains lower PH level and is suitable for disinfecting household items.
The effectiveness of the entire process is debatable because the electrolysis requires a significant amount of power and time. Therefore, the amount of hydroxide the machine can produce in a faster-moving water stream like running tap water would be minimal in most cases. Additionally, the process of reversing the entire reaction requires less energy and therefore if the area between the acid and the alkaline is semi-permeable, the water may undergo an additional reaction that leaves the tap water neutral.
People have used similar machines to produce electrolyzed water that is chemically different due to the sodium hypochlorite, the primary ingredient in bleach, content. They, therefore, use the water as a disinfectant.
Advocates of the ionizer machines believe that the ionized water has many health benefits. The many benefits include the ability to prevent diseases, slow aging, provide protection against nuclear fallout, and provide the body with extra energy and offset acidic foods effects. The ionized water will not alter your body’s PH due to the acid-base homeostasis.
The machine has several stages of incorporated filters that filter impurities and harmful microbes in any kind of water completely. After deciding to purchase the best water ionizer brand for use in your home or office, you should check the power system, the quality, the design of plates, filters, warranty, the number of the filtering plates, the filtration process and the brand. Today, you can easily select the best water ionizer from an online store. You should also select the right size.

Why Choose Alkaline Ionizer Machines?

Most doctors and health professionals suggest that normal humans and patients should drink healthy, pure and excess amounts of water throughout the day. Alkaline water ionizers can help you get the water in a shorter time. If you are a regular consumer of bottled water, you have to know that the bottled water is more acidic. There is a big difference between alkaline water and alkaline ionized water.
During your purchase, you will come across two price ranges:
– Countertop models
They are models that will sit next to the faucet, on top of a counter.
– Under cabinet models
These are higher end units, which fit under the sink cabinet. They are the most expensive.

Alkaline Water Pitchers

An alkaline water pitcher is another cheaper alternative to an alkaline water ionizer. In the world of consumerism, people believe that you can only get what you want. You probably know that some items are cheap because they contain cheaper components or because they are of lower quality. However, that is suitable for individuals who want to save their money in the short term.
However, when it comes to your health, you should not opt for the cheap items. Those operating on a tighter budget and desiring healthier drinking water might be attracted to the cheaper water alkaline pitchers. The fact that alkaline water pitchers are no match for alkaline water ionizers should not come as a surprise.
However, some producers will market their appliances as having similar abilities to those of complex ionizers. Before you decide to purchase the cheaper appliance, it is important you understand the following differences:

Alkaline water pitchers do not feature an electrolysis chamber

Alkaline water pitchers produce alkaline water while water ionizer machines produce alkaline ionized water. This forms the main difference and is the main reason why alkaline water pitchers are cheaper. Manufacturers do not use mechanical or electrical parts and therefore they are able to reduce the production cost. To get the alkaline drinking water, the tap water must pass through activated ceramics or alkaline minerals. Even though the appliances are very far from the powerful and complex water ionizer processes, the process helps raise the PH level of tap water.
Quality ionizers feature electrolysis chambers that convert ordinary tap water into antioxidant-rich, super-hydrating and alkaline ionized water. During the ionization process, the tap water fills into the chambers and interacts with titanium and platinum plates inside the connected negative and positive electrodes – the process participates in delivering antioxidant ions to the tap water. The process, known as electrolysis, mimics the sun’s natural process of energizing spring water or adding strong healing properties. Pitchers do not feature tech or components inside ionizers. They are therefore cheaper.

The filters

The filter system is a key selling point of alkaline water pitchers. Filters also form another important difference between pitchers, also known as jugs, and ionizer machines. All pitchers, including the most expensive, feature a simple filtering technology. Some will utilize a combination of stones and semi-permeable fabric as the filtering system. However, an ionizer machine will contain over 16 filtration systems that consist of activated carbon, ion resin exchange, and ceramic.

Great filtration is also vital, particularly when it comes to your health and the quality of your drinking water. The standard tap water can be swimming with various toxic contaminants such as heavy metals, trace pharmaceuticals, and excess chlorine. An ionizer-machine filtration system can eliminate around 99.99% of the contaminants before reaching the tap faucet. You should expect the filtration system of an alkaline water pitcher to be less effective.

Alkaline water pitchers do not produce oxidized water

A water ionizer machine contains tow electrodes – the negative and the positive electrode – in the electrolysis chamber. The two electrodes are responsible for the production of healthier alkaline drinking water and another product known as oxidized water. The oxidized water is an acidic product resulting from the electrolysis process – it is tap water abundant in negatively charged ions known as ions. But how can you use the acidic water? It is a great disinfectant and a cleaning fluid that will kill bacteria. An alkaline water pitcher does not split water to produce the drinking alkalized water and the acidic water. In other words, you will not enjoy the benefit associated with the acidic product.

The alkaline water levels

Even though by now you already know that alkalinity of drinking water solely cannot make you healthy, it is important. The presence of antioxidants and having a chance to select the PH level of your drinking water are some of the benefits associated with alkaline water ionizers. The many portable devices produce varying water PH, and if the need to balance your PH body balances, which is important for general well-being, arises, you will need to play a guessing game.
An Ionizer will help you select the alkalinity level of the alkalinized water and therefore it is possible to get a higher PH or something which matches the average human being alkalinity, which is somehow alkaline – 7.2 – 7.4 PH.
Alkaline water pitchers are a better choice for individuals who move from time to time. Due to their high portability, you can easily pack one and bring it with you. On the downside, you will keep filling it up because they can only hold around 10 cups – 4 gallons, depending on the price point.

Alkaline Water Reverse Osmosis Systems

Up to now, Reverse Osmosis (R/O) is the most popular drinking water treatment technology worldwide. Reverse Osmosis uses a technology known as nano-filtration – generally .009 micron – to physically remove and filter virtually any suspended and dissolved the material in tap water.

The quality of R/O membranes will highly vary but, typically, reverse osmosis systems will remove around 90-98% of the suspended materials – good and bad – and flush them to drain. Ionized water and Reverse Osmosis are seen as polar opposites when it comes to their effect on tap water.
An efficient system should combine purity of Reverse Osmosis and the tremendous benefits of alkaline, ionized water. Historically, it is hard to achieve that for various reasons. However, some appliances in the market will help you achieve that.

How Reverse Osmosis Removes Natural Minerals

The drinking water you get through Reverse Osmosis is usually slightly acidic and almost mineral free. On the other hand, ionized water is usually higher in PH and contains more alkalizing minerals. Impacts of acidic water in your body are obvious and Reverse Osmosis will not help with the delicate alkaline balance.
Moreover, some health experts believe that drinking water that is mineral-free can harm your health and demineralize your body or influence it to start functioning at a mineral deficit state. Another name for de-mineralized water is pure water. That means that the water is purified from everything including the healthy minerals.

Pure water molecules will absorb healthy minerals from your bones and attach to anything that comes into contact. They will then flush them out of your body. Flushing of important alkaline minerals is detrimental to an alkaline balance. What’s more, your body requires a source of alkaline minerals to assist it in balancing its PH level. Water from nature will contain the minerals. When drinking pure water, you are more likely to force your body to rob the minerals from some places like teeth, bones and the cardiac system.

Should I purchase an Alkaline water Reverse Osmosis System?

An alkaline water reverse osmosis system will remove any dangerous contaminant in your tap water to provide you with pure drinking water. After the purification process, you can install a re-mineralization system. That way, you will get healthier drinking water. Reverse osmosis systems are cheaper as compared with alkaline water ionizers.
The bottom line
By increasing the PH level of your drinking water, you will be able to enjoy several health benefits. First, your body will easily absorb the smaller water clusters a situation that will lead to better hydration. Alkalized water also helps in neutralizing the free radicals in our bodies, therefore preventing flourish of diseases. Higher alkaline water helps in treating reflux disease.